Monday, April 21, 2008

DLL Rainwear’s Rain, Rain, Blog Away…….The drips and drops of the online rainwear world.

Apparently we at DLL Rainwear have been a bit behind the times in our online hipness factor. We have hundreds of rain boots, coats and umbrellas on our really cool online store but we don’t have a BLOG! Where the heck have we been?!? So consider this us pulling our heads out of the, um…rain puddle and moving into Blogsville.

Bear with me as I get into the blogging groove. I have been warned to rein in (no pun intended) my sassiness over which I appear to have little control but will do my best. It may sneak out once in awhile so I am just warning you ahead of time.

So to formally introduce myself:

Name: Kristen

How long with DLL: 2 years

Position: Customer Service, PR, little o’ this, little o’ that and now blogologist

Sign: Aries

Birthdate: April 1st (stay tuned for details on April Fool’s joke I played recently)

Shoe Size: 9

Rain Boots in my Closet: DLL Feminista (see above)and Sperry Sadies in Black. If I had a bigger closet, I’d have about 15 pairs.

Why those boots? I helped design the Fem boots so obviously I think they rock. They have lipstick, lattes and cute undies on them. And they are pink. What’s not to love? The Sadies are really comfy and have a dressier look to them. Plus they make me ominously taller than my kids. ;-)

Last time I wore my boots: The first week of April. We were in NYC for a work event and I hoofed it around midtown all day in my Fem boots. Got a lot of looks….maybe because it was not actually raining?

Okay, enough about me.

I want this blog to be fun and informative for all of us. I am planning some contests, a poll or two, the latest fashion tips, random musings that strike me throughout the day… I’d also love to post pictures of you, your kids, your neighbor, even your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s mother’s gardener in their rain boots. So send in your ideas, your photos, your comments. Let’s get this party started!!

Bloggin off for now.

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