Thursday, May 31, 2012

Extreme RVing

School is almost out, summer is just a short 21 days away and many of us are planning our vacation get-aways.

Camping is always a popular adventure for families of all sizes and socio-economic statuses. Some enjoy the true 'roughing it' aspect of camping and being one with nature: sleeping in tents on the ground while grizzly bears rumble around outside your tent trying to break into the ice chest for your Coors Light.

 Gimme your beer and no one gets hurt.
Bears love a good brewski.

Others prefer to camp in a more 'civilized manner' a la Recreational Vehicle: running water, real beds, a kitchen and sans the close proximity of drunken bears.

Yet, I'm not quite sure where on the camping spectrum this falls into:

Note the porch swing UNDER the 5th wheel. 

I feel a remake of the Robin Williams classic film, RV, coming on.  Robin plays Bob Munro, a middle class father who decides to nix his dysfunctional family's Hawaiian vacation and instead rents an RV for a road trip that goes oh-so-wrong.

Father (Robin Williams): Welcome aboard everybody. Before we embark, I think we should give this beauty a name. Suggestions?
Daughter: The Big Turd.
Son: The Big Rolling Turd.
Bob Munro: In that spirit, we set forth.

In that spirit, go forth and vacation everyone.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is Orange The New White?

There is an epidemic (or maybe it's an addiction) of people sporting really, really, REALLY bad tans.

I call this the George Hamil-Tan effect. Some refer to these people as tanorexics; just like an anorexic can't be too thin, these people can't be too tan.

Well, let me just say, yes. Yes you CAN be too tan.

Here is George in his hay day, the pioneer of the Hamil-Tan.

And as you can see, he hasn't been cured of his addiction all these years later.

Now the epidemic has spread like the plague, tanning salons the rabid squirrels propagating the illness.

Exhibit #1:

Normally this guy's outfit would be screaming for attention but in this case, his deep betacarotene pallor  overshadows the hot pink tie. And honestly, all I can think of is Halloween and carving jack-o-lanterns.

Exhibit #2:

The darker the skin, the paler the hair.

Exhibit #3:

Again, the skin-to-hair contrast seems to be symptomatic of the George Hamil-Tan disease. I hope she is drinking chemo meds cuz she's gonna need them.

Exhibit #4:

The epidemic strikes at a young age, resulting in pointy headedness in males.

I like a little color on my skin but never strive for the Hamil-Tan effect.


Cuz orange is not a pretty color on human skin. Except for Oompa Loompas.

Cuz it gives you skin cancer and wrinkles and it's just plain unattractive.

Back away from the tanning salon, peeps. You'll be much healthier and better looking for it.

For more bad tans, visit Pale Is The New Tan Blog.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wish I Was a Millipede Cuz I Need More Feet

Over the past few months, we have been getting truckloads of the latest rain boots landing on our warehouse shelves. 

Working for a footwear company is pretty much any woman's dream job. I mean, what girl in her right mind doesn't like shoes?

The difficult thing is....I want them all! 

Ahhh, so many boots and not enough feet.

That made me think about how it would be great to have a lot more feet. Like a millipede. Other than their high creepy factor, it might be kinda nice to be a millipede. As shown below, they have copious feet...

Notice the plethora of peds on this bad boy....or in this case, girl. Let's call her Millicent. Millie for short.

...which means they could wear lots of boots and wouldn't be faced with the painful decision of which pair to slip into on any given day. 

Lucky buggers (pun so totally intended). 

But seriously, if I was Millie Millipede, I'd be placing an order for the following wellies (irregardless of the fact that I'd be way too tiny to technically puddle stomp but this is a footwear fantasy so just go with it).

I hope owls don't eat millipedes....I believe they do. Might have to rethink these...

The blue would totally accentuate my yellow legs.

Cuz who doesn't like good karma?

For my inner wild thing....

I could go on and on and on but instead I'm going to slip on all my boots and hit the puddles.

Image by FeaturePics

Hopefully Millie has a credit card with a really high limit.

Friday, February 10, 2012

DLL Rainwear Featured in Women's Health Magazine, March 2012

Let the rain drops keep falling on your head because when you have this Primary Dot Bubble umbrella by Totes, your hair will stay perfectly coiffed. The deep, clear dome allows great visibility and is immune to sudden wind gusts. Match it with some snazzy boots and a sassy raincoat, and no amount of rain is a match for you!

Totes Bubble umbrellas in clear or primary dots, are available from DLL Rainwear.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Virtual Barbie is Covered in Cupcakes

Although I doubt an actual edible cupcake has ever touched Barbie's lips, she CAN indulge (or at least her virtual, kid-sized self can) in tasty cupcakes from head to toe with Hatley's Kids Cupcakes rain gear.

The umbrella is waterproof nylon with wooden tip and handle and has a child-safe design. The raincoat is fully lined with snuggly terry, has deep pockets and a full snap front. The full visibility hood ensures your sweetie can see all around her. The Latex-free rain boots have side pulls to allow easy on and off, the cotton jersey lining wicks away moisture while the non-skid soles keeps her from slip-sliding away while she's jumping in puddles.

From head to toe, this is one deliciously adorable outfit.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Women's Ladybug and Frogs Boots Have Returned

This February Marks the Return of Western Chief Women's Ladybug and Frog Rain Boots

These charming creatures have always been two of the most popular styles of wellies DLL Rainwear has carried. We even 'commissioned' Western Chief to make Men's Frog boots and they, too, literally jumped off our warehouse shelves. There was a collective sigh of sadness among people of all ages when the manufacturer chose to discontinue the women's versions of these puddle stompers a few years back.

Now all you lovers of ladybugs and frogs can click your rubber-clad heels because as of February, DLL Rainwear will be getting a limited supply of both Women's Ladybug and Frog boots in sizes 5 through 11. We are accepting pre-orders on our website at the links above.

A children's version of the Ladybug boots are currently available as is a kid's Frog umbrella. Sadly, the Men's Frogs are still unavailable but maybe someday soon, they will make a comeback.

Order a pair (or two) for yourself as well as for all your fellow Ladybug lovers and Froggie fanatics. Then, go outside and Puddle Stomp in Style!  

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Birds and the Flowers

I like birds. And flowers. (And bees, but this is a G-rated blog so we'll leave out the bees.) Alas, I am much too big to be able to wear this adorable outfit. But for those of you lucky enough to have little girls, this Hatley "Birds and Flowers" rainwear set is really, really cute. Show it to grandma...the holidays are coming up!!

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