Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DLL Deal of the Month (well...maybe even longer...)

Right now, aren't we all looking for deals? Coupons, free shipping, free STUFF!!??

Of course we more than ever.

And here is a super great deal.

When you buy a pair of our DLL Raining Cats & Dogs rain boots and matching raincoat, you will get the umbrella for FAH--REEEEEEE.

And even better, the normal cost of this set is $129.85 but we are selling it for only $79.90.

Now that?

Is one heck of a bargain.

So not only do you save a whopping $50 but you will be outfitted head to toe and ready to roll the next time it is raining....well, cats and dogs!

Side note: In the photo, the boots look darker than the coat and umbrella but they are actually all a dark navy. The materials of the other items tend to photograph lighter.

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