Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mispronounciated Words

The other day I was part of a discussion about commonly mispronounced words.

A few of my favorites are:

1. supposubly (A favorite of Joey Tribiani of "Friends" but should be supposedly)

2. incidences (incidence--already plural, thank you)

3. orientated or disorientated (You are probably quite disoriented if you say disorientated)

And of course, there is a website listing all of the mispronounced words.

Here are a few favs I found on said informative website:

1. doggy dog world instead of dog eat dog world (although it does seem like it is a doggy dog world what with all of those pampered pets around)

2. Heinekein remover instead of Heimlich maneuver (this one made me laugh out loud. People seriously say that?)

3. Carpool Tunnel Syndrome instead of carpal tunnel syndrome ( funny but I can see how it could happen...especially if you carpool through a lot of tunnels)

And here are a few I am guilty of:

1. spitting image instead of spit and image (didn't know that!)

2. persnickety instead of pernickety (again--who knew? In fact, spell checker doesn't even like pernickety.)



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