Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Return of Virtual Barbie

It's been awhile since Virtual Barbie made an appearance. I thought it was about time she came out of hiding and modeled a little something especially since the rain is back with a drizzly vengeance here in what was sunny California just yesterday.

Barbie's look for today is a bit eclectic yet somehow she totally pulls it off. Maybe because she IS Barbie, virtual or no.

Barbie will protect her meticulously styled locks with this Rainy Day in Paris stick umbrella ($29.95).

Of course Barbie just loves this Nicole Benisti Geometric Silver and White Raincoat ($140). Very fashionable and feminine. Looks great with business attire or paired with jeans.

The Chooka Moto rain boots ($69.95) were featured in People Style Watch a few weeks ago. Love the hip, edgy motorcycle look. Barbie didn't think the heels were high enough but I told her get over it and to live on the wild side. Once she put them on, she Googled Harley Davidson and is now bidding on a 'hog' on EBay.

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At May 30, 2010 at 11:03 PM , Anonymous Chooka Rain Boots said...

Nice selection Virtual Barbie, and the Chooka Moto rain Boots are my favorite and don't worry about the heels - that's the spirit!


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