Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day in the Life at the DLL Warehouse

The below is an IM conversation between myself and a couple of other people that work at DLL Rainwear.

We use IM to communicate most of the time. Easier than picking up the phone but more immediate than email. Plus we get to create cute Avatars and change their clothes. Kinda like a Barbie for adults. Okay so maybe that is a big plus only for me.... Here is a really bad picture of my Avatar. But you get the idea.

Here is a rundown of the cast of characters in the convo.

ME: Duh…..

JOHN: Our Warehouse Manager, otherwise known as Shipping Dude

JESSICA: Customer Service God-Dess

DIANE: DLL’s owner

SABRINA: Our kick-ass PR person.

Some DLL Definitions:

SAMPLE REQUESTS: Lists of items our PR person sends us that magazine will possibly use in upcoming articles and/or photoshoots. They almost always arrive at the worst possible time and must go out ASAFP.

FEDEX: John’s arch nemesis. We use UPS and any FEDEX shipments entail lugging heavy boxes filled with boots to FEDEX to fill out (by hand) tedious paperwork. Note: their deadline for overnight shipments is 4:30pm.

So here’s what went down:

ME TO JOHN (at 1:30pm): Hey John. Just got a HOT sample request. IM me ASAP when you get back from lunch.

About 35 minutes later, so like 2pm:

JOHN TO ME: I’m back. What’s up?

ME: Sabrina just emailed me an urgent sample request. There are about 40+ items that need to go out today for A.M. delivery. FEDEX of course. :-(

JOHN: You have GOT to be kidding me?!

(This would give him about 2 hours to pull 40 things, package them up, weigh them, and haul them over to the FEDEX place. So not a lot of time really.)

ME TO JOHN: Sadly no. I am organizing the list right now and will email over everything.

DIANE TO ME: John just asked me to come in and help him with the samples. I told him I can’t. He is flipping out!!

JESSICA: Kristen! I just went downstairs and John is frantically bagging the orders.
He is fah-reekin!!

ME TO JOHN (about 15 minutes later): I just emailed you the list.

Nothing from John…..nothing from John….nothing from John.

ME TO JOHN: Did you get my email??

ME TO JOHN: Hello….?

Here is the email I sent:

TO: John, DLL Shipping
FR: Kristen, DLL Customer Service


Here is the sample request list. It HAS to go out today overnight. I have a FEDEX account number to use. See below for details. If you have any questions, let me know.



This is the email John sent back to me:

TO: Kristen, DLL Customer Service
FR: John, DLL Shipping

Happy birthday you old bag! (April 1st is my birthday)

Needless to say…I won’t be paying a visit to the warehouse anytime soon….

Blogging off for now…

The Old Bag

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