Friday, June 20, 2008

The Netflix for Handbags

So I am sure about 95% of the female population has seen the new "Sex and the City" movie by now and some of you more than once.

Do you recall the part when Carrie and Louise from St. Louis meet and Carrie finds out Louise 'rents' her designer handbags?

Well....apparently this is a real thing!! Maybe everyone knows about this but me. Then again you are reading the blog of someone who buys cheap-o handbags from Target and Kohls. Nothing over $25. Yea, you read that right. Stopping laughing.

I was reading a magazine article my fellow (or should I say female) co-worker Jessica sent me. On the back was a section called Simply Shopping and right there in black and white was... (totally love the name)

They are the company Louise 'rents' from in SATC. They actually mention their 'role' in SATC on their website. I can only imagine how much their business is booming right now!

They have handbags for all occasions:
  • Clutches
  • Evening Casual
  • Evening Dressy
  • Everyday
  • Messenger
  • Totes and Beach
  • Vintage

There are even wait lists for some of the bags. It looks like they have at least 2800 different bags from my quick calculation.

I just looked at one of the vintage Hermes Berkin bags and the WEEKLY COST is $1,690 and the MONTHLY COST is $6000 for a Guest and $4800 for a Member.




Sticking to my el cheapo handbags, thank you very much. That way when my Mentos spill and get all sticky in the bottom, I won't have to commit hare kare (I think that is how you spell it).

The funny thing is, their ad is right next to one for Gorilla Glue. The photo is a gorilla hand quite daintily holding a bottle of glue. Gorillas have kinda scary fingernails.... All I could imagine was one of those hairy gorilla hands desperately in need of a good mani holding a pricey designer bag.

I wish I had PhotoShop (and knew how to use it) so I could doctor that picture up and give the gorilla a nice french mani while holding the vintage Hermes. If anyone has those skills....send me the picture and I will post it!

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