Thursday, June 12, 2008

To Russia, With Love

One of our customers, Nicolas T. of Paris, bought a couple pairs of rain boots for his Russian friend, Elena, for "Woman's Day". A day that celebrates women. Sounds like a GREAT idea to me. They were nice enough to share some wonderful photos.

This is Red Square, the most famous square in Moscow and the building is St. Basil's Cathedral. (Nicolas told me all of this. I don't claim to be anywhere near this cultural! But I am pretty sure they showed this building in the new Indiana Jones movie...) The packages would be the rain boots all the way from DLL Rainwear in Scotts Valley CA. We sure get around!

This is Elena Z. reading the card that came with her gifts.

Elena carrying her still wrapped parcels. She is looking pretty excited...

And here she is, wearing ALL of her boots and doing her happy dance!
Thanks Nicolas and Elena, for sharing (and shopping) with us. I just love our customers!

These are one of the pairs of boots Nicolas gave Elena:

Chooka's Heart & Bones

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