Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coming Soon....Teva!

On Friday we met with Teva to look over their most recent line. They have a lot of really nice WATERPROOF leather and suade shoes for men, women and kids. These are for those of you who maybe don't feel like wearing your rain boots but do need a waterproof shoe. I am often in that situation so wear other shoes and regret it when they...and my feet...are all soggy.

BTW, they pronounce their name Teh-vah NOT Tee-vah. Also, their logo means "Friendship with Water". I think the rep said the symbol of the hand is Hopi Indian and they added the swirl to represent water. Just a little Jeopardy trivia for you.

Sadly I can't really show you any of the shoes we will be getting in stock as they are brand new for Fall. But let me just say, they are all very, very nice (they have two different styles of Mary Janes!!)

And waterproof.

And lightweight.

And I want about 6 different styles.

Bloggin off to go clean out my closet to make room for some Teva shoes....



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