Friday, July 11, 2008

Operation Experimentation #4-Death of a Rubber Boot

After two weeks basking in the sun on the lovely beaches of Hawaii I am now seriously concerned that my skin is basically reacting the same way as the rubber on these boots. I sure am glad I used 30 to 50 SPF and stayed in the shade as much as I did. Although for the previous 39 years that was not the case at ALL.

My new motto: Pasty white is the new tan.

Cuz once your skin looks as bad as this boot?

There ain't no turning back.

You can see in this close up how damaged the right boot is compared to the left.

Another close up view of the mid section of both boots.

Both boots, full view. The equivalent of sunscreen (left) VS no sunscreen (right).

The right boot has had nothing applied to it. The left has had 4 applications of Lacrosse Rubber Conditioner over 2 1/2 months. As you can tell, although the left boot has still been affected by the sun and heat, the right boot is MUCH worse off. I can actually feel the cracking on the right boot now and don't have to pinch the rubber to see the damage.

These boots are officially d-e-a-d. Please check back later for information on funeral services. Please send sunscreen in lieu of flowers.

Coppertone SPF 70 Spray?

I am so lovin you right now.

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