Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bachelorette Finale

Okay, I admit I watch some reality TV. Most of the time I am along for the ride as my husband is a TV-aholic. But this season's Bachelorette has been so good! I am dying to find out who DeAnna picks. I was proud that she got rid of Graham, hot though he was. Nothing but a future of drama there. I wasn't sure if she would have the guts to let him go but she did. But I was so very sad when Jeremy got ousted last week. He was so sweet and I thought for sure he was the one. He was completely crushed and I cried for him.

Jeremy....I would have chosen you!! (Ellen, help Jeremy out now!!)

But here are her two remaining men. I am thinking Jason is it. They are both very nice guys...but no Jeremy! (Okay, so I am crushing on Jeremy...)

Jason, single dad from WA.

Jesse, pro snowboarder from CO.

Only 6 more hours until I find out...unless someone from the East Coast blows the surprise for me like last time.

I hope you get your happily ever after, DeAnna!! You too, Jeremy. You really deserve someone special.

(Okay, how scary it is that I am obsessing over these people's lives?? My kids so better watch out when they start dating...)



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