Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday Night Dead or Drunk Drivers Suck

I was coming home from a friend's surprise party Saturday night at about 10:30pm. There were a fair number of people on the freeway and amazingly everyone was driving the speed limit (or close to it) and there was no tailgating, a common occurrence in our area.

I was in the second lane from the right on a four lane freeway. All of a sudden, a little two door car FLIES past me in the right lane going at least 95 miles an hour.

Being the safe driver that he obviously is, he decides he is going to pass a car on the right hand shoulder. As he begins passing, he realizes, "Hey, that ain't gonna work", brakes and swerves behind the car and then veers across all the other lanes of traffic.

Still going way too flipping fast.

Apparently he ended up being a tad too close (ya think??) to the car in the far left lane because he then slammed on his brakes, hit the cement median wall and spun a 180.

Amazingly, no other car was hit by him or by another car due to his idiocy.

At this point about 25 cars are all stopped in the middle of the freeway. We are all collectively getting over freaking out and thinking is, "Please don't let me get rear ended" and "Do I need to stick around since I witnessed what happened?" I guess we all came to the same conclusion because after about 2 minutes, everyone just kept on driving.

As I was driving past the area where the guy hit the wall, I looked over to where he should have been. His car was gone.

I think he drove off too!

About 15 minutes later, I saw the aftermath of another accident where a guy rolled his pick up truck. The roof was completely flat. But I think they got out in one piece.

Saturday nights are very dangerous times to be out on the road.

I sure wish I had gotten that first guy's license plate number. That guy could have seriously injured or killed an awful lot of people because he was too stupid to stay off the road.

Here is an interesting link to drunk driving info and statistics.

  • 41% of all traffic fatalities in 2006 caused by drunk drivers.

  • 1.5 million drivers in the USA were arrested in 2006 for DUIs.
  • Every 30 minutes there is an alcohol-related fatality.
Here is another link to a website that shows photos of car crashes. Look at some of the pictures and read some of the stories. If these don't make you feel your mortality and maybe think twice before getting behind the wheel with a few drinks under your belt, I don't know what will.

Maybe a swift kick in the arse with the DLL Poop boot.

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