Friday, October 10, 2008

All This Drilling is Killing Me

For the past three hours someone in my neighbor's yard has been using some sort of REALLY LOUD drill that sounds just like the one at the dentist.

And for the past few weeks, the neighbor on the other side of me has been having his old fifty-something Chevy truck worked on and those guys also have a REALLY LOUD drill thingy.

Don't they have silencers for those things?

If not can someone please quickly invent one?

Before I am standing trial for a double drill homicide??

But I think no jury would convict me after I was subjected to hours and hours and hours of that hideous noise.

Cuz this is what I feel like I have been going through ALL.DAY.LONG.

Pretty much everyone can relate to this hideous experience.

Update: The drill has stopped! Whoever hooked that guy up with a silencer or possibly took him out, thank you!!!! You are my hero!



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