Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tainted Chocolate

My husband sent me a link to an article saying that the substance melamine has been found in some chocolate made in China.

That is the same stuff that was found in baby formula earlier this year and was the cause of 4 infants deaths.

First off, who knew that some chocolate companies had their product made in China???

Secondly, things are totally screwed up lately. War, famine, global warming, financial crisis, gas shortages, bad economy...and now tainted chocolate.


And thirdly, with the mass amounts of chocolate I consume, this news can't be good. 40 years of chocolate inhalation might come back to bite me in the a$$.

If there is a recall on chocolate or a recommendation to stop eating it, I am in a world of hurt.

And so is everyone around me. 'Roid rage ain't got nothing on Kristen off chocolate.

That's like asking a smoker to stop cold turkey. Or a shopaholic to cut up her credit cards. Or telling Carrie Bradshaw she has to give away all of her shoes. Or letting Hugh Heffner know he's gotta give the 'Bunnies the old heave-ho.

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent of a smoker's patch for chocolate?

If not, I might need to check into the Willy Wonka Clinic for Chocolate Abusers. And I will be there a good long time....the detox will NOT be pretty.

Okay seriously? Don't be screwing with my drug of choice!



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