Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drunken Emails Be Gone!

Does anyone remember in the movie "JerryMaGuire" when Tom Cruise has an epiphany in the middle of the night, then prints and hands out his 'Mission Statement' to the entire company? And later regrets it after everyone has already read it? And laughs at him? And he gets fired?

Poor Jerry....

Jerry needed some goggles from Google....

I heard about this new 'service' Google has recently instituted. It is called Mail Goggles and is designed to help people who have a tendency to overindulge in alcohol (or midnight epiphanies) and then send out emails they oh-so-regret the morning after. (They can't help you if you decide to print, bind and hand it out like Jerry did. If you do that, you're pretty much screwed).

Apparently Google believes that drunk people aren't good at math. So they give you a few math problems and if you solve them, you can send out your email. If not, no emailing for you.

I had better never sign up for this. I am SO bad at math. I need to use a calculator (or my fingers) to do almost everything. Including checking my third grader's homework. That actually makes me wonder...would a drunk person not think of using a calculator? Hhmmmmm...



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