Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Perfect Gift

Has anyone seen the movie "A Christmas Story" ? Remember when poor 9 year old Ralphie gets a handmade pink rabbit costume from his aunt for Christmas?

"You lool like a deranged Easter Bunny," declares his father after his mom MAKES him try it on.

Seriously. Don't do this to someone you love.

Don't buy your niece who has green hair, her eyebrow pierced and a tattoo sleeve Cow rain boots. That is totally the equivalent of the pink bunny costume.

Why not let her choose her own boots instead?

DLL Rainwear now has gift certificates available for purchase on our website.



Problem solved.

Just click on the gift certificate item, enter the amount you wish to purchase as well as whether you want the certificate delivered via snail mail or email and Voila! You are done.

The recipient can go to our site and choose whatever THEY want.

And everyone is happy.

**No pink bunnies were hurt during the writing of this blog.



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