Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Car Sick Dog

The day after Thanksgiving we went to visit my family who lives near Fresno. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive and a decent portion of the drive is hilly and curvy.

I am always worried that my kids will get car sick especially because my husband apparently thinks he is Ricky Fricken Bobby and drives like a maniac.

But who gets sick and upchucks not once but twice?

The dog.

Yum. The lovely smell of regurgitated dog food.

And the sound of whining.

All. The. Way. There.

Whine and barf.

Good times.

But the silver lining? Dogs make no sound when they vomit. Who knew?

Apparently this issue is due as much to stress as motion. Holly isn't in the car much and she does get all freaked out when she does go for a ride.

I personally think that she spent her Thanksgiving day kegging it up while we were gone.

Luckily the ride back was uneventful. This was of course because we were prepared with rolls of paper towels and plastic bags.

And because we kept her away from the beer.

The lush. Can't hold her liquor.



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