Friday, February 20, 2009

Soarin Over California

Oh my gosh!

I have discovered THE best ride.


Soarin Over California at Disney's California Adventure is absolutely amazing.

You sit ten across in this "hand glider" which is lifted in the air right in front of a large concave screen.

A movie of various areas of California are shown on the screen while the glider tilts to make you feel as though you are literally flying over the Golden gate Bridge, through orange groves, skimming the trees on a golf courses, trailing your feet in the ocean, swooping over deserts and through buildings in downtown Los Angeles at night...finally stopping over Disneyland during the fireworks shows. You can smell evergreens, the oranges and the salty ocean. You feel as though your feet will brush the tops of trees and trail in the water.

It is hands down the most fantastic ride I have ever been on.

Here is a YouTube video of it but nothing can do it justice except for actually experiencing it.

I understand they have the same or similar ride at Disney World as well.

I am a total ride wimp (no rollercoasters etc. for me) but LOVED this ride. The first time I had to close my eyes a couple times due to a bit of motion sickness but the next time I rode it I was fine.

My recommendation?

Spend half a day riding this over and over again. It gets better and better each time.



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