Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sex and the City....and Some Really Bad Fashion

Yesterday I went and saw "Sex and the City 2" with some girlfriends. What's not to like about four BFFs in New York City surrounded by good looking guys (ah, Chris Noth and Jason Lewis....), traveling to exotic locales who have jam packed closets the size of small nations?

Maybe some of the horrendous clothing that comes out of said closets?

My disclaimer is that I was born and raised in California, the land of jeans, yoga pants and flip flops. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha would probably have massive coronaries if they had to dress 'dooooowwwwwwnnn' like we do here. Can you even envision any of them in flip flops? Sheer blasphemy worthy of multiple Cosmos to be sure.

Honestly, I don't know much about couture, let alone own any of it or even really care to. I realize one of the main attractions of the SATC series is the fashion but honestly? Some of the stuff they wore was truly atrocious.

Exhibit #1: Seriously, Carrie?

Look at her. Even ~she~ looks disturbed by this dysfunctional pairing of clothing items. Full long skirt, t-shirt, shrug sweater with tails... It's all so very, very wrong.

Exhibit #2: Too bad Carrie isn't wearing the red dress cuz I'd call this Carrie-Yucky. Instead it has to be Saman-Gah!

The horrific dress Samantha wore during the karaoke scene takes the cake for most God-awful outfit in the entire movie. Oh Samantha.... Spikey eppaulettes? Reeeally?
Exhibit #3: Run, camels, run!

Okay so Carrie doesn't look too bad but the other gads. I felt vicariously embarrassed during this scene, especially for Samantha who had to wear that unfortunate head piece.

Not to say all the outfits were horrible. Many were quite nice although I kept finding myself wondering how the hell they managed to get around in the sand (well anywhere really...I am a flip flop girl remember?) in 5 inch stilletto heels.

My two favorite outfits were both worn by Carrie: the 'peacock dress' (a short sequined green and blue dress--gorgeous) and the white dress wore when she came back home from Abu Dahbi. Those I'd totally wear if I had SJP's figure!

With flip flops of course.

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