Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Open Letter to Bill Gates

Dear Bill,

I had a very important, time-critical online purchase to make a few weeks ago. It HAD to happen at exactly 10am PDT so I could get ‘whites of the eyes’ seats for a concert I HAVE to go to this summer. Yes, HAVE to go. (Have I mentioned yet the wee crush I have on John Mayer?)

I was online and ready to roll hours before. I logged into the website that was selling the tickets….
my screen until the BUY TICKETS sign finally popped up.

I clicked on BUY TICKETS and soon had some very nice seats. And just as I was about to BUY those seats I got this message:

“Microsoft Explorer has encountered an error and must close. Would you like to send an Error Report?”


($#@%&&%$# &*%&^!@#$)&^%$##%) I’ll send you a fricken error report!

By the time I was able to open a new browser window, my good seats were

Now I am in the mountain goat section. For the same price, thank you very much.

(My seatmate at the concert.)

So, can you please build something into Explorer that can make it hold off tossing its cookies until AFTER I finish my purchase?

And can you please get me some backstage passes?? I figure it is the least you can do. Oh and how about a couple sessions of therapy for my kids to help them recover from the unbridled hissy fit they saw their mom pitch?

For all of you who have ever encountered a technical glitch when shopping on DLL’s website, especially RIGHT at a critical point, I feel for you. I REALLY do. And I will be more than happy to commiserate with you. And forward your complaints to our techy guy.

Blogging off for now.


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