Monday, May 26, 2008

Tears...Rolling Down My Face...Laughing So Hard

Last month, my family got together at my parent's house. My sister, Tara, and I were out walking our dogs. Her dog, Zoey, a mini-Dach, (otherwise known as a wiener (dog)) was standing in front of me and I accidentally stepped on her foot. She seemed fine and we kept walking down the street and back. When we got back to the house we noticed she was limping and her foot was bleeding. She had a broken toenail which bled and bled and bled.... It dawned on us later that I probably broke her nail (which was about an inch long---can you say puppy needs a pedi?) when I stepped on her little paw. I felt SO bad!

About a week later I called my sister on her birthday and mentioned that if she had to take Zoey into the vet to let me know and I would pay for it since I was the wound-inflicter.

A few days pass and I get this email from my sister:

This letter is to a very dangerous person who just goes around breaking people's wieners without a thought or care. I have a bill payable by you for one extremely broken wiener. This bill for is for $2,500,000. This wiener has lost its mobility and its spark for life. It just sits around sad and lifeless. $2,499,999 is being collected for emotional damage and $1 is being collected for the wet paper towel, tube sock, ACE bandage, masking tape, and old T shirt use to stop the immense bleeding.

Our company expects payment within ten days of receipt of this letter. If this bill is not paid we will send out our bill collector/bounty hunter Chancho Lopez (see pic) to collect for us. He is a dangerous and impatient guy who will fly off the handle at any given moment. For your safety we suggest you pay us soon!

Dr. Wong, Veterinarian

Chancho Lopez--this is my sister's goat. Doesn't he look like he is a little psycho?

I emailed her back and said before I paid this bill, I expected visual proof that this wiener dog was indeed broken. This is what I got:


Notice that none of her feet are wrapped up??

I don't know if anyone else will find this funny but I laughed so hard when I read this, I was crying for about 10 minutes. Obviously a bizarre sense of humor runs in our gene pool.

Doggie Bloggy over and out.

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