Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gorgeous Italian Umbrellas

We just got the most beautiful Italian umbrellas. They are so gorgeous that the photos we have don't do them justice but here are some pictures anyway.

We also have three other umbrellas by this same Italian company that have fruit designs on them. There is one with apples, one with oranges and one with strawberries. Very fun and colorful!
This umbrella maker has some absolutely spectacular things. They have umbrellas with Swarovski crystals as well as other beads and amazing embellishments as well as handles in silver, gold, special wood etc. You can basically customize your own umbrella it you have the desire and a load of cash. Here are a few of my favorites (which we don't have as they cost a FORTUNE). And seriously? Would you be able to bring this amazing piece of art into a downpour? Me neither.

Fabric Flower Umbrella--I love this one!

This one has tiny shimmery seed beads sewn into floral shapes along the edge of the umbrella. And the gold handle? Fancy! Reminds me of Princess Diana.

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