Saturday, July 26, 2008


While perusing the ice cream aisle at the grocery store the other day (notice I don't peruse the veggie* aisle...?) I came upon what is now a new addition to my Super Yummy Hall of Fame.

This stuff? R.O.C.K.S!

Among other things, I am an ice cream snob (my grandpa owned a Baskin Robbins so I grew up on the good stuff) and Breyer's Fat Free Double Churn is, as I mention above, de-flippin-licious.

I am not a fan of ice cream you have to use a pick axe to eat and this stuff is super nice and creamy. It doesn't have a fake taste to it and isn't too sweet. The worst part? I could oink down half the carton pretty easily. (Put down the spoon, Kristen, and back away from the Breyers!)

The Chocolate Cookies and Cream is the only flavor I've tried so far but they have a bunch. My husband and youngest son are (unfortunately) eating it as well so I think I might be making a trip back to Safeway soon to get more. Now maybe I will look forward to going to the grocery store which normally I equate with getting a root canal.

Bless you, Breyers.

*I actually do eat stuff other than dessert. Healthy stuff. Really. I do. I just love dessert best.



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