Friday, July 25, 2008

Linda Blair, Spinning Heads and Pea Soup...Oh My!

It seems as though I always miss really great photo opportunities.

A few months ago I was picking my kids up after school and saw this BIG guy with biceps the size of cantaloupes wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt ...with a frilly pink princess backpack slung over his shoulder. Priceless. And I missed it.

This time I was driving in town. I was gonna be late for an appointment so couldn't stop (and figured taking pictures with my iPhone while driving would get me a ticket) so I missed yet another great picture to share on the DLL blog. But it was so strange I have to at least describe it to you.

There was a commercial van parked in front of a local taqueria. The van was covered in promotional artwork and verbiage and one word, in very large type, stood out:


Yes, you read that correctly.

I wasn't aware that there was a travelling exorcism company in my area. Or anywhere for that matter.

I couldn't find any such companies listed when I searched the Internet. I did find something that mentions a TV show on the Sci Fi Channel called "The Real Exorcist". Apparently they are currently casting people for the show. Maybe that is what the van was all about.

I just hope none of my neighbors are trying out...




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