Friday, July 18, 2008

Operation Experimentation--The Demise of a Rainboot

This is the final post for those who have been following my sun exposure experiment with the Black Tattoo City rain boots I've had on my porch for a few months. The sun has totally done them in.

Here are the boots pre-laboratory experiment looking all shiny and new. These boots rock (and roll)!

And here they are after a couple of months of sun exposure. These boots need to be rolled under a rock!

They are off to that big rain puddle in the sky (read: my trash can).

Cracked, faded and just plain jacked up, these boots have officially been undone by the sun. May this be a lesson for us all. Be it with our rain boots or our skin.

The official send-off.....never let it be said that I am not ceremonial.

(Can you hear the bagpipes? Or should it be the Rolling Stones? You choose.)


April 2008-July 2008

A Lesson Learned....Sun is bad for rubber boots.

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