Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Damn You, PC

I have a friend who also blogs and I noticed she was getting all high techy on me using this cool app called SKITCH to add comments, arrows, etc. to photos.

So watched the "Learn Skitch in 3 Minutes!" video and discovered all the kick arse stuff I could do with Skitch that I had been attempting unsuccessfully to do with Paintbrush (which stinks to high heaven in my humble yet very self important opinion. I have never figured out how to use that darn application without swearing profusely and thus needing a stiff drink afterward).

I downloaded Skitch with delusions of grandeur for my future blog photos.

Then I discovered....

It is a Mac only app.


Since I can't justify buying a killer iBook right now, does anyone know of a similar application for us graphics-challenged PC users?

Preferably that is free (cuz I am cheap).

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