Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Great Things That Go Great Together

A few summers ago, we started a great tradition with our our neighbor's, called Mimosas and Samosas.

I'm sure most of you have at least heard of a Mimosa, champagne with a splash of OJ (or OJ with a splash of champagne for some of us).

A samosa, if you haven't heard of or tasted one, is a very delicious Indian appetizer made from potatoes, peas and spices surrounded by a pastry crust and, of course, deep fried. Top with mint, mango or other chutney and wash down with a sip of a cold mimosa.


Especially when you are sitting outside on a perfect summer evening, having good conversation with great people and your kids are happily playing and not bothering you (did I actually type that part)?

So just like chocolate and peanut butter, Ricky and Lucy, stars and wishes, puddles and rain boots, peace and quiet, pizza and beer, add the mimosa-samosa combo to your list of good things that go great together.

Just a heads up: be sure to go to an Indian grocery store or restaurant to buy them fresh. Don't be wasting your time on those frozen ones. Blech.

As Martha Stewart would say, It's a Good Thing.

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