Friday, August 22, 2008

Save on Back To School with Chooka and Western Chief

Summer is soon to be a distant memory as kids everywhere head back to school. If you are like me, you are a little sad to see the summer end so soon but yet oh-so-ready for your kids to be sitting snug behind a desk again. (Okay, so the homework battle is no fun but ya gotta give some to get some, right)?

One of my favorite parts of back to school is, of course, the shopping! Gotta love retail therapy.

And you know your kids love the new backpacks, new shoes, new outfits, new lunchboxes and loads of school supplies. Cool new stuff always helps make school a little more bearable.

Be sure to put a new rain coat, umbrella and a new pair of Western Chief or Chooka rain boots on that shopping list as well. And who knows? You may just find a pair or two for you as well.

To help ease that credit card bill a bit, DLL Rainwear has two special offers good through October 1, 2008.

All Chooka and Western Chief Kid's items are on sale using the coupon codes below.

For all Chooka items, get 10% off using coupon code CHOOKA upon checkout.

Chooka Fat Bird Dots: $59.95 and Chooka Croco Riding Boots: $89.95

For all Western Chief Kid's items, get 10% off using coupon code BTSWCK upon checkout.

Western Chief Pink Camo: $24.95 and 343 Fireman: $24.95

With these great offers and all of the great items to choose from, Chooka and Western Chief will have your whole family Puddle Stomping in Style!

So take a seat on the couch, grab your laptop and head on over to DLL Rainwear to do a little back to school shopping.

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