Friday, September 5, 2008

Ah...Inflation...How I Hate Thee.

I don't drive a lot (, you get the drift) so I only need to fill up my car about once every two weeks. The last time I got gas, I noticed it had gone down to $3.91 (and a few days later went down again to $3.89-dammit).

But needless to say I was quite happy to see gas under $4 a gallon, despite the fact that had I waited a few days I could have saved an additional whopping $1.60. That is, after all, a 1/3 the cost of a Vente Starbucks latte (otherwise know as person fuel).

That gas-per-gallon reverie was shattered shortly thereafter...
My mom mentioned to me that my dad was cleaning out his closet a few weeks back. He happened to find a gas receipt in a pocket of a pair of pants. It was from 1982 (yea, I know. He needs to go through his crap a lot more often. I was just starting high school for crying out loud!) for 10 gallons of gas.

The total?

Sit down....seriously.

The total was $13.00.
Thirteen dollars.

For 10 gallons.

And that was A LOT back then. Or so she said. I couldn't drive so don't recall.

For the average fill up back then, it would be around $26. Today...what? Close to $100. Ugh.

You pretty much $uck.

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