Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Freeway Footwear

While on our way to the beach this past weekend, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of shoes lying willy nilly on the highway we were traveling on. I saw two separate discards on the 20 minute drive.

I've noticed this before...a random sneaker lying in the median. Just one. An adult shoe too, not a little kid shoe. And they also seem to be mostly running shoes.

Hhmmm....How did they get there? And why just one lone sole?

Do some people have shoe Tourrett Syndrome and they can't help but chuck their footwear out their car windows while driving 60MPH?

Is this some kind of driving game to occupy the time on the road, kinda like bocce ball?

"Okay kids. Let's see who can throw daddy's sneaker closest to the median cement wall!"

Apparently I am not the only one to wonder about this. Here is another link. And this link especially.

Maybe it's a road rage thing..."Damn you, suckah! Take THIS" (as a shoe is hurled toward the offending car). But do these people take OFF their shoes while in transit or have extras just lying around?

Or it could be people on the way to the gym to meet their personl trainers:

"I guess I can't work out today. I just don't know WHAT happened to my other shoe! I brought both of them with me. Sure, you can search my car."

Could it be from car accidents where someone was literally knocked right out of their shoe? But if so, why just sneakers?

Maybe sneakers are only allowed on the sides of freeways, pumps on highways, Mary Janes on byways, etc., like a segregated discarded shoe society.

This whole freeway footwear thing may be something for many of us to ponder and no yet answer will ever surface.

The X-Files of Lost Soles....

So I leave you with this little conundrum for today. If anyone has the answer to this little shoe median mystery, please do enlighten me. Otherwise it might just keep me up at night....

P.S. There is apparently a brand of shoes called....Freeway Footwear.


Maybe they toss shoes over American roads as their way of advertising! I never would have known about that brand had I not Googled the term looking for pictures. (I named this blog BEFORE I knew about that brand, BTW.)



At September 2, 2008 at 1:50 PM , Blogger Meilei said...

When we were going to the beach I noticed there were a lot of shoes in the median as well. At one point I noticed two shoes several feet apart that looked very much the same so I thought they must have been together at one time....

I also wonder about the shoe over the power line....


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