Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Ancient Fairy Tale of Woe

Once upon a time there was a pair of glorious rubber boots. They were fashionable, they were functional but just a wee bit too big for the wearer.

So that wearer carefully packed them up, wrapping them snugly in newspaper to cushion their ride in the brown metal delivery truck and sent them back in for an exchange.

Upon arrival, the boots were unwrapped from their blanket of newsprint.

Low and behold, the boots and the newsprint had become one.

Oh, the tragedy!

Oh, the horror!

Alas, these two souls were never meant to embrace as the inky parchment left telltale signs of itself embossed upon the pliable rubber of the boots.

No matter the scrubbing, the washing, the rubbing, the cajoling. The stubborn ink would not be banished.

These glorious boots were now marred for life.

Never again could the boot peddler sell those boots. No other townsperson would wear them whilst splashing through rain puddles, weeding their garden, walking their dog or simply just to look cool.

Instead they were cast aside...into the pile where all soiled, defaced boots go before they are sent away to the dreaded far-away town of Goodwill.

The moral of this story:

Please, please, please don't wrap up boots in newsprint when sending them back for a refund or exchange.




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