Friday, October 17, 2008

Back Away from the iPhone, Buddy

Today I was standing in front of a Starbucks waiting on a friend. I had just gotten off the phone with her and up comes a kinda sketchy looking guy who asks me if he can borrow my cell to make a short local call.

I flat out said, "No."

I sort of surprised myself because I usually at least say, "Nope, sorry."

I was a bit rude.

But we were outside and I am always wary of people asking to use things like a cell or camera and then bolting off down the street. And since I don't run, I'd be way screwed. I mean, this is my beloved iPhone we're talking about.

With my complete address book info in it to boot.

He was nice about it and went and asked two other guys. They too must have told him no or maybe they didn't have cells.

So the guy goes inside the 'Bucks and asks another younger guy who totally lets him use his phone. An iPhone at that.

And the shifty looking dude made his quick call and was done.



I felt really bad.

I went inside after a bit and told the young guy that he was really nice to let the man use his phone. And that I was a meany for refusing.

He said that maybe he earned his good karma for the day.

Ooo...I think I will have earned the bad no-cell-borrowing karma.

P.S. Apparently the characters at the top of this blog stand for Cause and Effect Karma. Thought they were appropriate.



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