Monday, September 22, 2008

Alien Alert

Has anyone seen a little alien splish splashing through puddles? Or maybe even Trick or Treating on Halloween?

Hatley has some of the most original and adorable children's rain gear designs that are just perfect for dreary wet days and spooky Halloween nights.

Covered with silly aliens and funky space craft, this matching Hatley Alien rain wear set is the perfect costume that can be worn over and over again.

A little green face paint. some antenna and a few cute aluminum space ships hanging from the umbrella and


you are set for Trick or Treating.

And the next time the rain comes pouring down, your child gets to dress up all over again.

These Hatley Alien rain wear items can be found on our website. The boots (sizes toddler 6 to 11) are $29.95, the coat (sizes 2T to 7) is $34.95 and the childproof umbrella is $16.95.

More great Halloween rain gear ideas to come....

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