Monday, February 23, 2009

To Cell or Not to Cell

I was just talking to someone about my parents as I found out my mom went to the ER this morning for heart palpitations. That was 4 hours ago. I have yet to hear anything. I called their house and they aren't home yet. And although they have a cell phone, they never TURN IT ON.

So I am left waiting and wondering what's up. I'm sure she is fine....but ya know how it is. You still worry.

That cell phone thing got me thinking about a story my mom told me a few months ago. They had this archaic old phone that they never turned on because the battery would croak within about 30 minutes. To remedy that sitch, I gave them a phone I had that had a kick a$$ battery.

Do they turn their phone on now?


So anyway, my mom said they decided to sign up for this prepaid plan that gave them 200 minutes to use over the course of a year. It was cheaper than the plan they were on and since they aren't big cell phone users, it made sense to pay up front VS pay a monthly amount that cost more.

At the end of last year she was telling me about all of the minutes they had used.


Yes. They had like 196 minutes left.

How the heck do you only use 4 minutes on your cell over 365 days?

Well...I guess you actually have to turn ON your phone so you can CALL people or they can CALL you.




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