Monday, April 27, 2009

50,000 Shoes in 50 Days

DLL Rainwear has donated rain boots to a wonderful charity called Soles 4 Souls. Their goal is to put shoes on the feet of more than 3 million children and 1 billion adults worldwide who are too poor to own even one pair of shoes.

Their latest challenge is to have 50,00 pairs of shoes donated in 50 days...and there are only 26 days left! Below is a little information from the website. Read up and then go check it out to see if you can help.

Are you wearing shoes? Then listen up! We're on a mission: 50,000 shoes in 50 days. We can't do it without the help of you and your friends! Check out this video to find out how we can work together to supply the poverty stricken countries of our planet with shoes, a simple luxury we take for granted here in America. Times are rough, the economy is bad. But consider this... even the homeless in America are considered wealthy to the average person in the countries we're reaching out to during these next 50 days. So what are you waiting for?



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