Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Timewarp Whiplash

I am not a huge fan of fashions that come back in style. Normally, in my opinion at least, it is a very good thing that most clothing fads die. Once a fashion becomes a Halloween costume, that should tell you something.

Case and point:

There is ~nothing~ good about ANYTHING you see here.

I mean really....not much about 80s fashion was worth repeating, yet look around you. It's all back. Skinny jeans? High waisted pants? Neon colors? Leg warmers? Members Only jackets?

Um, yea.



Same goes for the 60s and 70s. Bell bottoms? Gah!

But I will make an exception for these bad-ass Hippie Peace boots by Chooka.

Retro? Yes. But pretty d@mn killer too. These I give my hand stamped seal of approval.

Just saying in case anyone really gives a high-waisted, big-belted, skinny-jeaned, Members Only cr@p.

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