Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mud Mutt

A few months ago, we got a new puppy. We lost our previous dog, Maisy, about 2 years before and my kids both really missed having a dog. So after much discussion, debate and subtle begging on my part, I finally talked my husband into getting another dog. And not a humonga-normous dog which is what he wanted but a nice medium size dog.

This is her:

(She looks pissed... No time to primp before photoshoot.)

Her name is Holly Berry and she is a Cocka-Poo, part Cocker Spaniel, part Poodle. But she is more Cocka than Poo as you can probably tell. She is 5 months old which equals 3 in people years. Her Terrible Threes are in full effect.

Her favorite things to do are:

Eat paper...???
Steal/chew on socks, preferably dirty ones
Steal/chew on toys

Follow me ev-er-y-where. Even to the bathroom. I guess it is a girl thing that spans species.
Bark…at nothing
Dig in the yard

Run in the house with filthy, muddy paws after digging up my yard

To top it off, she is a drama queen extraordinaire. If you try to wipe the mud off her feet, she whines and cries and squeals like a Socialite whose daddy has taken away her Black AMEX card.

I am not one to dress up my animals (got over that when I was about 10—sorry all of you poor little kitty cats) but I am seriously considering getting her puppy rain boots.

Red is her color, dontcha think?

Now, if I could only find a way to get the muddy rain boots off before she comes in the pet door…. Hhmmmm. Gotta think more about that one.

Oh wait. Since she is a Drama Queen, I think she also needs a tiara.

Perfect!! I think I will change the name on her papers to be:

Drama-Tiara Holly Sock Eating Filthy Boots Berry

Unless someone has a better name???

Blogging off for now.

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