Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Blog of All Words

I have been trying to blog all week but apparently there are technical issues which are affecting the uploading of photos. What is a blog without pictures???? ARGH!

I have all of these humorous and oh-so-informative blogs all waiting for photos....the essence of which would be lost without the critical visual aspect. Thus there they sit....waiting. Thankfully I had a few other blogs already complete that I could publish.

But I figured I had still better post something even though there would be no pictures. So here goes...

Last night my kids had Open House at school. My youngest is in Kindergarten. They had to answer questions about themselves and their parents. Here is what my son said about me and his dad:

My mom is 40 years old (true), is 14 feet tall and 100 pounds (Damn! I am tall and skin-nee!) She always tells me to be quiet (very, very true) and her favorite thing to do is work on the computer (well...maybe not my favorite but I am always on my computer). If I had a magic wand, I would make my mom not have to work on her computer anymore. (Aw...)

My dad is 39 years old, weighs 200 pounds and is 20 feet tall. He likes to wrestle with me but does not like to pick up dog poo (apparently I do...?!) My favorite thing to do with my dad is watch him catch gophers (scintillating!)

Kids are so funny.

This is what he said about himself:

My favorite dinner is hot dogs with ketchup (I thought it was Mac & Cheese AND that he liked mustard on his dogs. Guess I'm selling my Kraft and French's stock and investing in Oscar Meyer and Heinz). He also wrote that he wants to be a karate teacher when he grows up. You would never know it from all the whining he does about going to karate. Maybe he just wants to be able to kick ass and take names. Which he does pretty well already.

I hope they fix that glitch soon. I sure miss my photos.

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