Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Tabitha, DLL Rainwear’s Resident Creepy Chick

Awhile back, we bought our mail order bride, Tabitha (her name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). We needed a mannequin to take photos of women’s rain coats. She looked great in the pictures we saw online. A little sexy even. Then we got her. DUN DUN DUN! She is frickin scary!! (She actually looks better in photos than in person. See below where she models her female Unibomber look).

Tabitha has been in pieces (don’t ask—I don’t know why) in our photo room for ages. Every time I walk by, she skeeves me out. Makes me jump. She has freaky powers.

In fact, she is so creepy the shipping crew routinely hides her around the warehouse and scares the crap out of each other.

The last DLL Scare-down event took place on April Fool’s day. One of the Customer Service reps hid Tabitha’s ‘body’ in a corner of the bathroom and threw her arms in the sink. Our poor warehouse manager…. He claims he was ‘startled’. Translation: he screamed like a little girl. So she does have her uses. Just not for modeling women’s rain coats. Ya think???

I think this is the next ‘bride’ we’ll be buying:

Or maybe....

No, seriously...

No more scary scary…. Simple. Functional. Headless. I’ll totally take the little black decorative knob (sorta reminds me of a shrunken head actually) over Tabitha’s creepy eyes that follow you everywhere and strike fear into the hearts of grown, burly warehouse men.

I found this quote from online mannequin store, Mannequin Madness:

We work with a bunch of stiffs and dummies - and love it!
(I also borrowed some pictures from their site as well--thanks guys!)

I’ll bet they are all living in fear around their warehouse! Hee hee hee.

Bloggin off for now…

P.S. Anyone looking for a quiet yet creepy wife?


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