Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Exorcism Van

I blogged awhile back about a van I saw in my neighborhood that advertised exorcisms. I missed getting a photo of that van but I saw another one!

Yes, ANOTHER one.

Not the same van.

I am pretty sure I have seen at least three different vans. The first one I saw was black with all sorts of words and freaky graphics on it. It was a bit disturbing. But, really, what else would you expect from an exorcism van?

Here is a photo of the one I saw last week. Disturbing in a totally different way.



Is it me or is there something really....strange...about a van with hearts on it advertising exorcisms?

Maybe this van is for the "love exorcisms"?

Are there really enough people around here in need of exorcisms that this 'company' actually needs 3 vans?

Or maybe there actually ARE different kinds of exorcisms...thus the different van designs.

Specialized exorcisms.


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