Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dangerous Pants

I know.

You're thinking, "Dangerous pants?! What the hell is she talking about? How can pants be dangerous."

Oh ye of little dangerous slack ownership.

Let me enlighten you so you don't also fall prey to these dastardly clothing items.

I was sitting on my couch the other day with one foot on the floor and the other tucked underneath me, minding my own business trying not to die of boredom watching football.


Whaaa? Huh?? Oh sorry. I fell asleep from boredom typing about football.


I was wearing pants that can be rolled up and made into Capri's. They have cloth 'straps' that button on either side and hold up the rolled up bottom of the pant legs.

See lovely diagram below:

I stood up and for some reason, couldn't get one of my feet on the ground.

The I big toe was stuck in the strap on the inside leg of my pants. I couldn't get my toe out, was losing my balance and was far enough away from the couch that I couldn't sit back down.

So I fell. Luckily I missed the sharp edge of the coffee table and breaking the drinking glass I had in my hand.


Dangerous pants.

NOT clumsy, stupid me.

Ya hear??



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