Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shining New Neighbors

I was taking my dog for a walk one morning and passed by a house that had recently sold. An elderly couple had lived there and I think the new owners got it for a steal. (i.e. probably $400K for a run down ranch house).

With all of the money they saved (I say this with all sarcasm), they appear to be doing a lot of work on the inside of the house. One of the workers was standing in the driveway smoking as Holly and I passed by.

Being the chatty person I am, I said hi to him and asked if they were gutting the entire inside of the house.

And he says, "Gutting is what you do to a mean person. You demolish a house."


How do you respond to a comment like that?

This picture of Jack Nicholas in The Shining totally reminds me of that guy! REDRUM!

All I could think of was that he had sawsall's, hammers, axes and lots of other weapons...I mean tools...wait, I think weapons IS correct....inside that house.

Holly and I skeedaddled outta there as fast as our 6 legs would carry us.

I really gotta stop talking to strangers.

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