Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Funny About the Stock Market...Except...

There really is nothing funny about the stock market these days....well except maybe E*Trade's commercials with the E*Trading baby.

In case you haven't seen these (normally I wouldn't as when you TiVo everything, watching commercials is taboo) here they are for your viewing pleasure. It is totally worth waiting for them to download.

The Golden Pipes

Shankapotamus Baby

Blackberry Baby

Creepy Clown

In the event you want to see all of these, they are all on E*Trade's website. My kids and I spent 15 minutes watching them over and over last night. Who needs a bedtime story when you can watch the funny baby???

P.S. Shankapotamus is my new favorite word. Be prepared to see it often in future blogs.



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