Monday, August 4, 2008

What? No Walkies?

I have been trying to be a good pet owner and walk my dog at least once a day for 30 minutes. Every time I grab my sneakers, Holly is practically putting on her harness and leash herself.

Yesterday I took her out for a morning walk and an evening walk. We walk at a good pace and despite her wanting to sniff and snarf at every little thing (OOOOO!! OOO! Cheetos on the ground!! OOOO! Trash! OOOO! OOO! Poop!)

So this morning I grab my sneakers and head into the kitchen to get her walking gear. Holly was sitting about 3 feet from me. Not. Moving. An. Inch.

She TOTALLY didn't want to go on a walk.

What is up with THAT!?

I think I over-walked her yesterday.

But I dragged her out anyway. It is good for her. Right?

This is her immediately post-walk. She hasn't moved. And she is snoring.

We'll see what happens tonight and if she runs off and hides when I whip out the sneakers again.

(Wait a minute! I think she is seriously trying to sprain my ankles. Her doggie tennis balls are strategically placed throughout the house. I just tripped on one. Devious. Very devious.)

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