Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Rain Boots That Will Not Die

DLL Owner, Diane, sporting her rain boots and showing off her gardening handiwork.

This photo is a picture of the owner of DLL Rainwear in HER trusty rain boots. She sent me this photo after reading my blog about wanting pictures of people wearing their boots.

She has had these boots for years (Western Chief Dots) and admits to poor rain boot TLC etiquette. Leaves them on her front porch, in the sun and heat. Somehow they continue to survive (although I wouldn't recommend any of our customers take the same route in caring for their boots). This is what she wrote about them:

I use these guys for doing yard work (digging holes, watering, and mowing the lawn). These things will not DIE!!! I have several other pair that are lined up to take their place but these just keep taking a beating.

Thanks, Di, for sending the photo. Do I owe you a $10 DLL gift certificate??

Anyone else want your 15 mminutes of fame on the blog? Come on, you guys!!!!



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