Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving to Forks? Check THIS out!

Today DLL Rainwear had a fricken awesome article published at Seventeen Magazine's online site.

Here is the title:

Wanna Be Bella? Check out This Special Deal on Cute Forks-Appropriate Rain Gear!


How did I never think of that considering my obsession over all things Twilight?
Sheesh. I must be losing it.

The article shows our private label Feminista rain boot, on sale now for a mere $39.95. Even Alice would have to get a pair at THAT price! (Or maybe a couple pairs since civilized, fashion-forward vampires don't ever wear anything twice).
Oh and there is a coupon code listed in the article as well in case you too have plans to move to Forks to find your dream vamp.

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