Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ross Gellar Lives On....

I LOVE the show Friends. I really miss it not being on TV anymore. It is like I Love Lucy and Seinfeld, funny no matter how often you see them or how 'old' the episodes are.

One of the best episodes is the one where Ross buys a new couch. He is too cheap to pay to have it delivered so he forces Rachel and Chandler to help him get it upstairs to his apartment.

The stairs have all of these switchbacks and Ross keeps yelling Pi-VOT! Pi-VOT! more aggressively each time they have to go round a corner.

Fade to me driving down the freeway the other day and seeing a company van. It was called:

Pivot Furniture Moving

Their logo looked like this:

Ross lives on in infamy. Here is a clip of that pivot episode. Hope it makes you laugh out loud.

Here is the URL as well in the event the video gets mucked up like last time.

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