Monday, May 4, 2009

Psycho Donuts

In the town I live in, there is a huge uproar going on over a new mom and pop donut shop that just opened called Psycho Donuts.

The basic theme is that they have taken your average donut and gone crazy with them, making them in unusual shapes, adding strange toppings, fillings and the like as well as bestowing wacky names for their creations

Of course they have also extended the 'crazy' to their decor, adding a padded cell where customers can eat their goodies, displaying wild artwork including a pyscho of the month (I think this month it was Jack Nickolson from one of his scary movies) as well as having the counter staff wear nurse uniforms.

Apparently this small shop has made a few people upset. A donut aptly named Bipolar which is half chocolate glaze with peanuts, the other half covered in coconut, has a more than few people up in arms.

I stopped by the other day to see what all the fuss was about. The place was hopping, the staff was very friendly and they did indeed have some crazy donuts. One has green glaze....scary looking...but apparently it is green tea flavored.

My kids loved their treats (one got the Manic Malt, the other the Do-Nilla) and I was actually kinda sad the padded cell was closed.

But I suppose there is always someone who will be offended... My theory is, don't go there if you don't like it. The owner made a good point: Why is no one worked up over the fast food restaurant called "El Pollo Loco?" It's basically the same thing.

Oh well, off my soap box for now. I'm off to get a donut.



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