Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Virtual Barbie is Covered in Cupcakes

Although I doubt an actual edible cupcake has ever touched Barbie's lips, she CAN indulge (or at least her virtual, kid-sized self can) in tasty cupcakes from head to toe with Hatley's Kids Cupcakes rain gear.

The umbrella is waterproof nylon with wooden tip and handle and has a child-safe design. The raincoat is fully lined with snuggly terry, has deep pockets and a full snap front. The full visibility hood ensures your sweetie can see all around her. The Latex-free rain boots have side pulls to allow easy on and off, the cotton jersey lining wicks away moisture while the non-skid soles keeps her from slip-sliding away while she's jumping in puddles.

From head to toe, this is one deliciously adorable outfit.

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