Friday, January 13, 2012

Women's Ladybug and Frogs Boots Have Returned

This February Marks the Return of Western Chief Women's Ladybug and Frog Rain Boots

These charming creatures have always been two of the most popular styles of wellies DLL Rainwear has carried. We even 'commissioned' Western Chief to make Men's Frog boots and they, too, literally jumped off our warehouse shelves. There was a collective sigh of sadness among people of all ages when the manufacturer chose to discontinue the women's versions of these puddle stompers a few years back.

Now all you lovers of ladybugs and frogs can click your rubber-clad heels because as of February, DLL Rainwear will be getting a limited supply of both Women's Ladybug and Frog boots in sizes 5 through 11. We are accepting pre-orders on our website at the links above.

A children's version of the Ladybug boots are currently available as is a kid's Frog umbrella. Sadly, the Men's Frogs are still unavailable but maybe someday soon, they will make a comeback.

Order a pair (or two) for yourself as well as for all your fellow Ladybug lovers and Froggie fanatics. Then, go outside and Puddle Stomp in Style!  

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